Sports Heads Football World Cup 2014

Try to Win the Brazil World Cup

Choose one of the 32 qualifying world cup teams in the 2014 world cup and battle it out to become the world champions of soccer.

In this gold edition of the popular Mousebreaker series you will need to overcome some serious adversaries whether you choose to play as England, Spain, Brazil or whoever else you can rest assured it won't be easy going to head your way to victory.

Sports Heads Football World Cup 2014: Rooney Shoots

Each soccer team features one of the best players to control such as England's 'Wine Roney'.

Collect power ups to help you head or kick the ball over your opponents head such as the 'Big Head' bonus that makes your soccer head 5 times as big as your opponent.

This simple yet frustratingly tricky little title will have you playing all day before you manage to progress to anywhere near the final with the football going pinball all around the screen on many occasions. Sometimes it can feel like a very eratic game of Subbuteo rather than a head tennis game.

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