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Slide Star Soccer Game: Mobile

Slide Soccer Mobile Game

Slide Soccer gives players the ultimate mobile soccer experience:

  • Choose between various levels of difficulty and different playing surfaces like grass, ice, or dirt to test your skills on slow or slippery fields.
  • Take shots with precision and ease. Have that mastered? Add impact!
  • Choose a ball for each scenario (worn leather, golf ball, rugby ball, or a special ball for ice) to optimize your strategy.


So I’m going to go ahead and defy tradition slightly by not making a tedious link in the opening section of a football game review by way of putting it into the context of whichever football event may be happening at the time. I cannot express how very little I care that the game is out ‘just in time for the World Cup’, and just how little of an impact these eventualities have on my opinion of the game. So, just in the nick of time for absolutely no football tournament whatsoever, ‘Slide Soccer’ has made its way to my ipod touch, and looks to be quite the unique take on the conventional format of football. Borrowing from its use of an enclosed playing area (I’ve heard it’s called a pitch), goals and a team of players on both teams, ‘Slide Soccer’ replaces the obnoxious players with silent, circular discs which can be manipulated by the player in order to direct the ball (which is rumoured to be essential to a football match) towards the goal of the opposite team. All this action is also designed to take place in a multiplayer environment. Anyone still listening? It doesn’t matter, I’ll continue regardless.


Slider Soccer: With Different Balls and Playing Surfaces

Slide Soccer is a remarkably simple affair that is based upon a solid idea, taking its structure from football and literally swapping out the moving parts. Played from a birds-eye perspective, you are in charge of your team of small discs whose formation you can choose prior to beginning the match. Goals must be scored in the usual football fashion, but the manner in which they are scored is the distinguishing feature of the game. The mechanics of the gameplay are based on a billiards, hockey or foosball-like system whereby you move the discs to the desired position on the field with a draw-and-shoot mechanism. Using your finger, you can set the power and direction of your shot by sliding backwards and releasing when you’ve got the angle that you require. The entire point of the game is to manipulate the ball and if necessary, the discs of the opposing team in order to score the winning goal(s). It’s really a game of placement strategy and angles which is thinly veiled in a cloak which resembles the game of football.

slide soccer: multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode: connecting the world of Slide-Soccer fans through Wi-Fi

Game Modes

The game is first and foremost a multiplayer game and it is this mode in which it flourishes quite spectacularly. Using the Gamecenter function of the iOS platform, you are able to search for players in the big wide world who are doing the very same at that exact moment; finding an opponent will allow you to immediately get stuck into a match immediately. Unlike with games such as the more complex ‘Real Football 2013’, Slide Soccer isn’t so self-assuming as to fail to offer you a full and comprehensive tutorial to show you the ropes of the whole thing. Choosing the strength, direction and curve of your shot are covered, as well as the double-tap method of getting the ball out of a tricky situation when it is lodged against a wall: nothing is left to chance here.  

You are also able to involve yourself in a quick game, or play against the AI of the computer if you wish to get in a little practice before facing opponents in the real world. Two-player allows you to play locally with whomever you wish you share your experience with, or can be used if you wish to have a sneaky little match against yourself.


Slide Soccer allows you to make quite a few changes to the format of the game. You can choose between turn-based (each player alternates taking a single turn each), total (like turn-based but several moves are chosen and executed at once) and time mode (each player has a set amount of time to score a goal before the other player’s turn begins. The most difficult (in my opinion) of the modes however, is the real-time mode in which all shots are played as they are taken by the players; no turns, no waiting, just all-out angle-based action.

Further alterations can be made to the gameplay by way of changing elements such as the material of the pitch surface, the type of ball (leather, golf, an orange), and the point at which the match ends (number of goals or a set number of minutes). These selections have a direct impact on things like the speed of the ball and the way in which the ball travels, though most of the options must be purchased. In all, the choice afforded to you is quite extensive considering the fairly basic nature of the game as a whole.

slide soccer: preparing for battle

Preparing for battle: Choice of formation and difficulty are just a few of many

We’ll be right back after these messages

In spite of the moderately to highly entertaining experience provided to you by Ludei Games & Slide Soccer with its original format and highly customisable aesthetics/mechanics, the whole experience is somewhat sullied by the frankly insane number of adverts which worm their way into your playing experience at literally every opportunity, only falling slightly short of flashing up adverts on the pitch itself. Whole video adverts often play between matches, and full-screen messages often appear to slow the game down somewhat. I understand the need for advertisements to keep the game free for everyone but the quantity seems a little overwhelming.

Plus: Easy to pick up, original idea, varying modes and excellent tutorial

Minus: Adverts. Oh, god, the adverts.


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More Screenshots:

Slide Soccer: The Ultimate Soccer Game Slider Soccer: Choose Between Various Levels of Difficulty
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