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Football Manager 2013 Handheld Mobile Game for iPhone & Android

play football manager 2013 Handheld game

Football Manager 2013 Handheld – Portable football action that puts its management at your fingertips

In-Pocket Management

Sure, you may be a fan of the majestic sport of football (in the European as opposed to the American sense. Americans, we’re talking about soccer, here), but how dedicated are you to the sport really? Perhaps you play a little five-a-side at the weekend or maybe you like to catch the occasional match at the pub (Americans: bar), but when it comes to actually dedicating yourself to playing a football a game, if you’re anything like me, you want to have as much fun as possible by doing as little work as can be managed. Don’t feel bad, this is part of the human condition anyhow, but let’s just say that I like to have a more hands-off approach when it comes to football games as well. Back in the year of 2011, the mighty Football Manager that had dominated the football management genre on desktops across the country and the world made a long-awaited move to the mobile market with Football Manager Handheld 2011. As someone that dislikes all of the work and concentration that is required for playing classic football games like Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA, football management games are the perfect balance between control and delegation, so you can imagine the quantity of delight that rained down upon me when Football Manager 2013 dropped. Praise the football gods, or more accurately, praise SEGA.

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Managing Expectations

Players new to the Football Manger series will notice that it isn’t simply  poorly-ported version of a bigger game that has been shrunk and chopped clumsily to run on handheld devices; the menus and the general design fits smaller screens incredibly well is clearly designed around the mobile device rather than being squeezed onto smaller hardware without the necessary tweaks being made. All of the actions such as managing your team, scouting and making player comparisons, and generally staying on top of your team’s tactics are easily accessible. Preset formations and styles of play can be selected, though you can even create your own personalised ones and save them for use later.

Being able to pick and choose from well-known clubs in 14 countries means that variety isn’t lacking here. The two main modes, career and challenge, allow you to enter into an engaging, all-consuming career as a manager or simply play through a few discrete management challenges respectively. Of course, career mode can be considered the main mode where all of the in-depth decision making and long-term commitment takes place; challenge mode is for the more time-constrained individual, though don’t underestimate the difficulty of some of the challenges involved here.

In With the New (but let’s keep the old)

Some debut features are present in Football Manager 2013 including the expected 2012/2013 player and other real-life data, player photos, Northern/Republic of Ireland leagues, and also player comparisons that allow you to make more informed decisions on your selections. This year sees the inclusion of in-app purchases for the player who wishes to have a more premium experience. Challenges can be bought as well as aesthetic advantages like improving your stadium. While these extras are nice to have, they aren’t essential to the whole experience.

So you were expecting an overhaul of the game and its graphics this year? Well, this is only a mistake on your part since the tendency of football games has always been for gradual improvements and tweaks, and this is true of this game as well. The look of the game isn’t massively different from its predecessor, and the “match” graphics do feel a little bit dated, but overall this game is still a desirable one to own and beats any opposing football management titles for mobile hands down.


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