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Football Kicks is all about mastering your free kicks, earning your kit and locations through blood, sweat and tears on the pitch.

Football Kicks features six game modes: Beat the Wall, Beat the Clock, Win the Euros, Beat the Goalie, Cross the Ball and the feared Sudden Death mode. You earn FK coins through playing, which will enable you to purchase yourself a customized kit, unlock extra stadiums and even get a new swanky haircut. The game is free to play with hours of gameplay packed in.


Sometimes, it feels like football games that are released for mobile devices are destined to fly the flag of mediocrity, and they are destined to fly it disappointingly short of even half mast, which is ironically being flown due to the perceived death of football-based entertainment in the first place. Switch to vibrant colour and pan dramatically across a packed football stadium in the wake of Football Kicks, however, and you will soon see that all hope is not lost. Though the premise of the game is similar to many other free-kick football games I have played, none have managed to execute it as well as this game.

Situating you in front of a goal with a wonderfully-modelled 3D player awaiting your swiping instruction, Football Kicks requires only that you use an upwards swiping motion in order to control the football: no joystick, no buttons, just the motion of your finger guiding the ball to where it needs to be. With shots taking place in various contexts across a total of six game modes (with a multiplayer mode in addition), the game is sure to challenge speed, accuracy and concentration of even the most fervent of football-game fans out there.

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Mode after Mode

One thing that Football Kicks isn't suffering from is a lack of game modes for players to indulge themselves in: with a whole six modes to choose from, you aren't going to be stuck for football-smashing entertainment. My personal favourite of the lot is 'Beat the Clock', in which you are required to hit targets of various size and points value situated in the goal mouth, while occasionally getting the chance to extend your time by hitting the tiny targets with stopwatches on them. Technically, you can continue indefinitely if your shooting is good enough, but the level of skill required for this would be unrealistic so don't be too hard on yourself if you can only manage a minute or so.

Beat the wall has you curling the ball around varying numbers of defenders, Beat the Goalie is exactly how it sounds and you even get to cross the ball in one of the modes, a task significantly more difficult than just a bit of straight-up shooting at the goal. Finally, Beat the World mode tops off the flavoursome cake of football fun with the option of playing against sixteen of the (defenders of the) world's best teams. Though this mode costs 1,000 FK coins, it is quite comfortably the most challenging and rewarding of the game modes in which you must beat the defenders and accumulate enough points to beat the limit designated at the beginning of the round: the further you progress, the more you need to score. If you can't see yourself earning enough coins through gameplay to purchase this mode, then sign up to Tapjoy or perform various other activities that will earn you free FK coins! Beat the World mode is more than worth the trouble.

football kicks: Taking a Free Kick

Time to Score: 'Beat the Clock' mode makes you feel the pressure of the second hand.

Multiplayer, with Multiple Players

Alright, so the multiplayer only pits you against one opponent at a time, but this is the mobile gaming market, not a hardware-packed Playstation 3, so even having a multiplayer function in the first place is quite the pleasant surprise. The format of the multiplayer mode is similar to single player; in it, you must aim at targets of differing value, alternating turns with your randomly-matched opponent and having five shots each in total. The winner is the person with the highest score from five shots: it really is that simple, but I won't have anyone say that it isn't at least moderately entertaining. The fact that the multiplayer is just as enjoyable as the single player just goes to show how consistent Football Kicks really is as a free-kick football title, if not a football title in general.

Freemium, Though Not Overly So

Due to the game being lightly based on the 'Freemium' model, three of the six modes must be purchased with in-game currency known as 'FK Coins', with the maximum price for any one mode being 1,000 coins. The fact that you must pay for some of the features in game is in no way a detriment to the experience like it is in many other football games (cough Real Football 2013 cough), and the fact that you are able to earn FK coins for each round of single-player action that you play means that enjoyment of the entire experience isn't limited to those willing to pay for it, either. Even if you do fancy parting with some cash, the quantities we're talking are so minute that it barely warrants a worry in the world: 1.49 for 2500 coins isn't exactly sheer naked profiteering, and the game is quite frankly more than good enough to justify these prices.

Facelift, Hair-lift, Gender Lift, Wait..

Further to your selection of game modes comes the picking and choosing of the more aesthetic variables in the game. The 'edit player' section allows you to swap out some more conventional accessories about your player's person such as the hair, the face (casual, mid-match facelifts are common in the premier league), kit, boots, and writing on the shirt. More unconventional (and highly specific) transformations include a logo, flags, socks, and even the option of purchasing a female player should you be unsatisfied with the male practitioner of football who comes as standard.

football kicks: Editing Your Player

Buying Success: Aesthetic delights are only a transaction away.

Push it to the Limits

In terms of free-kick simulation football games, Football Kicks leaves its competitors out in the freezing cold as they slowly starve due to a lack of being as good of a game as this one by Distinctive Games. Every game is subject to its own limitations, however, and in this case, its strength becomes its weakness. Football Kicks is a free-kick simulation and therefore limited to being such, omitting the rest of the pitch from the action, as well as the managerial, tournament and generally full-team action side of the game. As far as I'm concerned, these other aspects can swivel because this game is direct, to-the-point, and what it does do, it does incredibly well: the graphics, aesthetics and player movements are impressive, the swipe-to-shoot mechanic is second to none and the variety of game modes/multiplayer make this game a comfortable home run. No apologies for the mixed metaphor; football puns only have so much life in them, after all.


  • Swipe Mechanic
  • Player Models
  • Variety of Modes
  • Multiplayer


  • Swipe mechanic occasionally unpredictable
  • Limited to Free-Kick aspect of game, therefore one-dimensional

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